Pool Table Car

The Story of the Pool Table Car

An account of where the idea came from - and where it's going...

As with most good things in life, the idea can be traced back to a chance conversation at the dinner table.

In February of 2011 Triangle Billiard's President, Joe Fiscella, met for dinner with Shane Tyree, a friend from the Billiard Congress of America.

Shane made Joe aware of an upcoming celebrity children's pool tournament, being played for a good cause. The tournament was one team short for the thirty two, two person teams.

Shane was curious if Joe knew of anyone to fill the gap, as well as possess the ability to pay the $10,000 entry fee. Joe knew of the perfect candidate - Vini Bergeman, a.ka. Big Daddy, star of The Discovery Channels, The Kustomizer!

Following an instant phone call, the pair set off to visit Vini in his Orange Hills mansion. The meeting was a roaring success, with Vini agreeing to play, along with Joseph Fiscella Jr as his playing partner.

On the night of the event, Vini made a promise that his team would win. Five hours later, with Joseph sinking the 8 ball on the last game, the pair stole the night and were crowned winners.

During the event, someone suggested that the show should be taken onto the road. Liking the idea, and seeing the opportunity to help charity while promoting the billiard industry, the stage was set for something big.

Just days later, Vini visited Joe at one of his stores - Triangle's Game Room Gallery in Costa Mesa, California - with an idea to create the best advertising vehicle in the history of billiards - a pool table that can travel at 100mph!

Vini needed just three things - $3,000, a pool table and two weeks of time.

With Vini's long established history in the vehicle design industry - including creating the world's biggest motorcycle, longest limousine and the Pope Mobile, the $3,000 was exhausted quickly. To assist with the rising cost of the project, Vini suggested selling sponsorship placements on the side of the vehicle.

Following conversations with George Barris (creator of the Dukes of Hazard Car, Munster Mobile, Bat Mobile, etc.) the prospect of sponsorship was poised to be a winner.

This winning streak continued - Brunswick Billiards Corp (the world's oldest pool table manufacturer) agreed to donate a 9-foot pool table to the project, along with a generous amount of funding - making them the first official sponsor.

As the project got underway, Joe began filming the process for use in a possible reality show. Episodes can be found at the car's official website.

By this point, sponsors were coming in thick and fast. Both Ticket to Ride and Lumenyte Corp had signed checks, and MA Audio came onboard to provide the audio system as well as extra funding. Finally, McDermott Custom Cues agreed to also book a sponsorship spot on a car, which was now starting to take shape.

It was hoped that the vehicle would make a debut at the George Barris Custom Car Show in Culver City, California. With no paint job, another contact - Randy from Rock 'N Roll Custom Paint, in Orange California - stepped in to provide an awesome paint design and application in just 24 hours.

The new car made it to the show, and won over everyone who laid eyes on it. With gorgeous models challenging visitors to a game of pool, and everyone flocking to have a look, the fruits of the team's labor were finally paying off.

Into the future...

Since that first day, the car has appeared at numerous shows and charity events. A battery operated electronic dart board was added for 2011's Belmont Shores Car Show, to add an extra feature to the already-impressive vehicle.

This car is truly a show stopping, one of a kind, registered, fully drive-able detachable custom pool table car. It is available for trade shows, car shows, corporate events, mall promotions, parties and events of any type anywhere in the world.

More cars are in the works. Joe and Vini are currently in talks with casinos to produce a car that resembles a dice or poker chip. A country club is interested in making a golf ball car, as well as an energy drink company who want a car that mimics their product.

In terms of future enhancements - there's talk of changing the front end of the car from a 1999 Chevy Monte Carlo to a new Chevy Camaro, Rolls Royce or Bentley to update the Pool Table Car with a new fresh look.

Joe and his team will keep the world posted with future plans for a possible Barbeque Car and a Transformer Pool Table Car.

Keep watching for more.


About the Author

Joe Fiscella is the president of Triangle Billiards Inc and Triangle's Game Room Gallery Inc. in Orange County California. Triangle has been in business since April 1978. In the world of billiards and games, that's considered a very long time. Triangle is one of the oldest established billiard and game stores in the United States. More information can be found at


Future Sponsors

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Custom Vehicle Builds

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Services are available to build a street legal drive-able Golf Ball Car, Dice Car, Shuffleboard Car, Barbecue Car, Etc.

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